Sapphira MusicMeet the new face of burlesque and electronica. Sapphira debuts a fresh, exciting concept combining bass, dubstep, electro, breakbeat and burlesque tease. She is however, no newbie to the stage or the music industry, capably holding her own. Sapphira has over a decade of experience as an internationally renowned burlesque artist, cabaret singer and belly dancer.

“Nothing short of jaw-dropping”

DJ Magazine

Worldwide Sapphira has garnered a respect for being not only a leader in the performance world but one of the most versatile artists to boot. A journalist, media sales executive, classical pianist, MC, dance teacher and accomplished singer/songwriter she has achieved many accolades.

Career highlights include securing the support of Sir Richard Branson following a declaration of love with the song ‘My Heart Belongs To Branson‘, posing for renowned Australian artist, Charles Billich, recording with Planet Funk in Naples (Italy), securing a national sponsorship deal with Illamasqua (London’s cult make-up brand) performing at Madame Jojo’s (UK), Burning Man Festival (USA), Rainbow Serpent Festival (AUS), London Burlesque Festival (UK), Ministry of Sound (UK), Pacha (UK), opening for DJ Dimitri from Paris plus numerous TV and radio interviews.

With Sapphira’s first release in 2006 receiving support from heavyweights such as Faithless, Sasha and Meat Katie you know you’re onto a good thing.

Founder of Sapphira’s Showgirls, a burlesque academy that empowers women through dance, costume and drama therapy, her star students accompany her out into the exciting entertainment industry and have appeared on stage and in her music videos.

A certified Soul Voice® Practitioner, Sapphira searched the globe for those resonating with an innate need for a dark, powerful and erotic sound. Her journey has taken her to Naples, London, Bristol and back to her hometown of Melbourne as she has gained momentum working with industry staples with producers such as Black Dogs, Audiofly, Ways & Means, Youthful Implants, Tonestepa and Kayden Michaels breathing life into her songs and into a new project.

Released on her label, Domina Records, this latest offering melds together extravagant costumes, sensual theatrics with powerful sounds,  haunting melodies, deep basslines and driving beats as burlesque meets electronica.

This is Sapphira – uncompromising, defiant, irreverent and provocative.

She’s in it for the tease,

Are you?

You can check out some of her music on the jukebox, or find her on iTunes here:

Simple Theory - Single - Kayden & Sapphira