Burlesque World Record Attempt – Sunday 21st April

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Burlesque World Record Attempt – Sunday 21st April


Sunday 21st April

7pm – 8.30pm GMT


Join me as I cohost the most amazing attempt to set the

“World’s Largest Online Burlesque Class”

+ enjoy a chat and international networking after the class

Erik Lee Preminger, son of Gypsy Rose Lee will be doing our welcome greeting!


I am proud to back my burlesque school the World Burlesque Academy and join over as 2 festivals including Kootenay Burlesque Festival, Ibiza Burlesque Festival plus many others get together.

Every year World Burlesque Day gets bigger and this year we are going to set (I hope) a new world record.

I am proud to also expand our network in Spain.
The record will be validated by the president of Official World Record, David Ventura, and judge Miriea. Official World Record are a unique world records register organisation recognised by the Council of the Notarias of the European Union (Notaries of Europe) and official Notary Colleges worldwide. They will be attending online from Barcelona, Spain, to ensure event registered in accordance with the requirements to confirm it permanently once the class is complete.

40 artists, schools, shows, and 2 festivals are on board – do not miss this!

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