Help Sapphira Repair Her Piano – Go Fund Me

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Help Sapphira Repair Her Piano – Go Fund Me

Thank you to all who donated on my GoFundMe. I exceeded my Crowdfunding target the piano is beautifully restored in my home. Any additional funds are going towards a piano costume for a debut burlesque and piano act.

I am a passionate artist and volunteer who misses having a piano.
I have learnt piano since the age of 5 but have not had the means to have one in my home for over 14 years due to moving around a lot.

Over the years I have used my musical skills to volunteer in the community including playing at aged care facilities, donating my time a music coordinator a homeless charity and singing to raise money for mental health charities.

I am also active in the burlesque community launching community inclusive events like World Burlesque Day and the Ibiza Burlesque Festival which have all been self-funded.

Recently I have been able to move to a bigger home and I am overjoyed to have found a second hand piano but it needs restoration and is unplayable at the moment.

This fundraising support will mean the world to me because I will be reunited with my first love. Indeed, playing the piano is like a language to me. I will also be purchasing my dream piano stool and to thank all donors I will make a song with everyone’s names on the stool and the piano, it’s going to be a long song!

           The dream piano stool

I have been using the free pianos in bars and public spaces around London to practice so to have my own working piano will mean I can at last practice at home and get back to sharing my music with people in need, too.
I believe music is greatest healer of all, don’t you?

I am also selling some of my second hand items on Facebook to help me raise the
funds I need to look out for me on Facebook, too.

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