Burlesque artists, want to level up without doing it alone?

Did you know you can learn with Sapphira online via an app.

Sapphira is a mentor to the burlesque industry providing niche and tailored business training specific to burlesque and she is also a sound healing practitioner for those want to work more personally with private Zoom sound therapy sessions.

“An incredible journey, positive growth within. Thank you.” ZoeKee – NZ

“The app is really handy linking up with other parts of the world.” Mystique Angel – UK

“A game changer. I’ve been published.” Fyra Velvette – Cyprus

You can do the following to learn with Sapphira

  • Book a free mini- mentoring session with Sapphira which is designed for burlesque artists, dance school owners and festival directors on Zoom here
  • Try the free Burlesque Taster module on the World Burlesque Academy app created by Sapphira here
  • Book a sound healing session by emailing  [email protected] 
  • Join the world renowned ‘Boost Your Burlesque Strategy’ 6 Week Level Up Challenge for burlesque artists learning together from 20 countries about how to leverage the press, write for business impact and ways to commercialise their talents here