Dressed by Dita Von Teese Lingerie

The Mistress album is a dedication to burlesque figured head and doyenne, Dita Von Teese. Sapphira’s and her dancers are dressed by Dita Von Teese Lingerie and Secrets in Lace Dita Glamour French Heel for the tribute. This beautiful [...]

New Music Coming Soon

Are you ready for Mindtalk? Electro meets dance floor filler with a catchy melody and beat to get you on your feet, produced by Tonestepa, Mindtalk is coming soon. The concept of Mindtalk was introduced by Roy Whitten and K Bradford [...]

Maxim From The Prodigy Supports

A generous donation from Maxim has been auctioned by Butterfly Conservation for their 50th Anniversary as part of Sapphira’s fundraiser #BurlesqueAPeel. To date #BurlesqueAPeel has raised £1,560 (£1,851 including Gift Aid.) Find out more   links to http://sapphiramusic.com/burlesqueapeel/