Welcome to Sound Healing with Sapphira.

As an artist, I work in showbiz and love what sound healing has taught me. A singer & dance teacher, I help empower women through self-expression but I had to first empower myself by learning how to improve my thinking, clear my energetic boundaries and step into my own authority.

I have sought the best teachers & facilitators over a 30 year career in sound healing and stage performance

  • Natacha Atlas – Arabic Interpertative Singing
  • Peruquois – Voice of the Sacred Feminine
  • Dominique Oyston – Goddess Voice Academy
  • Lisa Perks – Speech Level Singing
  • Gavin Frank – Summer Chant
  • Ali Gunning – Resonant Being

I have new a resonance in my voice. I know how powerful sound is for shifting the deepest issues and healing the oldest of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical pains. Let me assist with your transformation too.


“For the past few months Ive been having regular sessions with the wonderful Priscilla on sound healing. I had never done sound healing before this and felt I got a lot of benefits. Through our sessions each experience has been one of a kind and positive growth within. Priscilla made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, I truly felt she cared and listened. Sound healing has been such an incredible journey for me and I’ve learnt so much about its healing properties and even more about myself. Through sound healing and the help of Priscilla I’ve been able to realise and release a lot of limiting beliefs and struggles. Our sessions were always fitting with what was going on at the time, even if it was just for a recharge. I would/have strongly recommend her services as I believe she has helped me in so many ways and has a heart of unconditional love and light.” ZoeKee NZ

“Thanks so much for the Mindful Mornings sessions with your sound meditations – you have a wonderful voice and I found it stimulating and soothing at the same time. We could really do with more of these sessions. It was a great way to start the day. It motivated me to get into work and I felt more relaxed, energised and focussed as a result. Wonderful!” Macmillan Publishers Participant – Wellbeing Week

”10 minutes made a big difference to my emotional state, focus and ability to do my work efficiently”. Macmillan Publishers Participant – Wellbeing Week[/vc_column_text]