Acts For Hire

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You can! These acts have been designed to brighten up your event! You can book a single performance as a one-off feature or Sapphira can fill an evening with several sets, costume changes and appearances.

Piano Showgirl – Burlesque and Jazz

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Enjoy a live jazz piano duet with a twist!

Sapphira & Marco Marconi have joined forces to create a sizzling burlesque and jazz show.

Marco Marconi is an accomplished, classically-trained Jazz pianist who grew up in the breathtaking region of Umbria in Italy, and who made a life changing decision to move permanently to the UK in 2012 to pursue his musical career. He made the right choice.

His skill as a composer so naturally distinctive and seemingly effortless, he’s earned a reputation as a class act on the British festival circuit, the Fazioli Concert Hall in Venice and the buzzing London Jazz Club scene. Marco Marconi and his trio’s debut album NORDIK recorded in Venice in 2013, was a well received collection of eclectic genius and garnered rave reviews

”The show was amazing… best I’ve seen!” Richard Kelly (patron)

Tease – Sapphira

Sapphira’s own forthcoming album Mistress has been a co-creation of the greatest musical talents spanning production teams in LA, Melbourne, Bristol & London. The debut 2013 single Tease met high acclaim. Sapphira’s vision to bring opulence, burlesque tease and showgirls to modern electronic music from dubstep, dance to drum n bass has been performed on stages worldwide with backing dancers and renowned models from Playboy covergirls to MTV dance stars.

“Highly finished. Velvety and opulent.” Beat Magazine


Mistress – Sapphira

The unreleased title track from Sapphira’s album Mistress, is a decadent fetish themed show. Complete with candle wax pour and Eyes Wide Shut themes of submission and dominance, this riveting performance will have you mesmerised. It features a framed artwork piece of Sapphira sketched nude by Australia’s most famous living painter, Charles Billich. Strictly adults only.

“Nothing short of jaw-dropping.” DJ Magazine

Balloons of Love – Balloon Pop Act

Enjoy a comical balloon pop act. This sought after act has been performed worldwide on Australia’s Got Talent, the Ibiza Burlesque Festival, Dublin Burlesque Festival, Torino Burlesque Festival and is Sapphira’s most requested act.

It can be performed as a family friendly number where the costume remains on, or with a cheeky adult twist and tasteful tease finale. Additionally, choose this act to be singing, where a microphone and PA are required at the venue, or non-singing, where a backing track is used. Both options are equally fun  click here to enquire, and we can guide you on what is needed to create a superb experience for you, your event and your guests.

You can even ask to have a personalised song for your VIP guest and age specific birthday balloons.

“Beautifully sung!” Dannii Minogue, Australia’s Got Talent

Australian Burlesque – My Heart Belongs To….

As a dual citizen of both Australia and the United Kingdom, Sapphira has created a patriotic act. This act has gained notoriety over the past decade for the repeated use of her dazzling blue outfit. Her eye-catching and press-worthy Australian flag and Union Jack costume have been on stage worldwide delighting audiences and illicting the famous ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – oi, oi, oi!‘ chant from Australian’s proud to see their national symbol on display (even when Sapphira’s performance includes a tongue-in-cheek disrobing!).

For Australian themed events Sapphira sings many favourites including I Still Call Australia Home and Advance Australia Fair, the Australian national anthem. When you click here to enquire about booking Sapphira as a singing host, remember she can customise the lyrics from popular showtunes to make your event more personal. For example, the famous My Heart Belongs To Daddy number has been reworked to woo Sir Richard Branson along with many other audience members. This can be booked with live singing, where a venue has the facilities for a singer, or it can be performed, non-singing with an easy backing track.

“Look at you, representing Australia!” Dita Von Teese

Santa Baby

Santa is surely going to give Sapphira everything she asks for in this song! A cheeky Christmas favourite that oozes class and the right amount of tease. It can be performed as a solo or with backing dancers and glittery present props. It has been reworked as part of the My Heart Belongs To Branson campaign and if Sir Richard Branson liked it, so will you! Choose a family friendly version where the costume stays on or upgrade for a tasteful burlesque tease finale.

“Well done you.” Sir Richard Branson – “A singing sensation.” The Plymouth Herald


Feather Fan Dance

A burlesque feather fan dance is a joy for all to behold. This performance commences with the fans providing a fluttery hideaway teasing the audience with the possibility of showing more of the showgirl behind them. With a cute peek-a-boo routine the dancer’s figure is slowly revealed to showcase a glittering Sapphira.

“A jewel adorned spectacle.” The Leader 


Singing Host

Sapphira has been hosting shows on stage as a singing MC for over 25 years. She won her first two talent quests never looked back. She has a wide range of showtunes, jazz standards and her own original compositions to perform for you. Having hosted over 100 shows including at the famous Cirque Du Soleil stage at the co-owned venue, Heart Ibiza. She has a quick wit, is able to easily read a crowd and draw them in with her charming personality. She performs to backing tracks or can bring a pianist or jazz band. Just enquire and your wish is her command!

“A crowd pleaser.” Red Bennies