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World Burlesque Day – #BoogieInBootsChallenge

To boost morale and unite the global dance floor online, I am pleased to have launched the #BoogieInBootsChallenge.

It has been a hard year for performers and music fans with dancefloors and venues closed around the world. I know dancing always makes me feel better and there is medical research to prove the many positive wellbeing benefits of music and movement. I hope this dance challenge will help unite us all and lift our spirits.

The challenge launched on Westminster Bridge the first day as London came out of lockdown.


20th April – 30th April

(Ends at 8pm BST on the 30th of April.)

To participate, please download TikTok and copy my moves using the song of the World Burlesque Day Anthem ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Sapphira & Doc Moody, which is in the ‘sounds’ section of the TikTok app. If you haven’t used TikTok, please ask someone in your community or area. Many people know how to use it it’s very simple.

I will be teaching free burlesque classes every day online on the World Burlesque Day Instagram page on Instagram Live to show you how to do the simple choreography but we are open to your own interpretation and boots are not compulsory.

We have giveaways being given to people selected at random and a grand prize will be drawn from 50 participants also selected at random on the 30th of April, the last day of the challenge at 8pm BST.

What: Free Burlesque Dance Mini Class Р#BoogieInBootsChallenge

When: Tuesday 20th April – Monday 26th April, 1pm BST

Where: www.instagram.com/worldburlesqueday

It is great to see so many entries coming in from around the globe already! Let’s go viral.