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Free Sound Healing for Musicians and Artists

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Free Sound Healing for Musicians and Artists

Are you struggling with anxiety in the Covid-19 pandemic and would you like help?

I would like to help you and I am offering my time for free (or pay what you can only if you can) and unlimited Soul Voice ®sessions with me until you feel you don’t need the support anymore.

Please only email if you are prepared to do power works that will be assigned at the end of each session as it is a two way process to get strength back.

Why am I doing this?

Today it is World Mental Health Day and I celebrate 12 years of healing to total recovery enabling me to start an international business and work full time in a senior corporate career, too.

To participate you will need to fill in a waiver form as there are certain medical conditions (only a few) where I am unable to assist but we can determine this when you email me and thank you for understanding there are some requirements by the Soul Voice ® Practice of which I am a member that set this.

I am offering this from my heart to yours and to show you are an artist please send me a link to your work or attach some images and a bio.


All sessions are one-to-one and strictly confidential and I will also schedule some open group sound baths.


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